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Super Themed Week Three

Super Themed Week Three

Let’s start with the Superhero summary and reflection. I read the myths and superheros image article and found it very interesting. I have read Gilgamesh, ¬†but just realized its connection to stories such as the hulk. I found several commonalities between the tribes and gave […]

The Ups and Downs of Week Two

The Ups and Downs of Week Two

  For this weeks summary I decided to start off with the Daily Creates that I completed this week. I had a hectic week so I started doing the Daily Creates later in the week. I also had ¬†slight mistake to start. I accidentally put […]

Week One Summary

Week One Summary

Luckily I was a step ahead for DS106 Bootcamp week. My introduction post include four different forms of media. As a history major, I have had a lot of experience with Domain of Ones Own and WordPress so getting the site up and running was pretty easy. I actually really enjoy getting to play around with themes and images on my site so I am looking forward to working on my DS106 subdomain and making it fit in with the other pages on my site as well as the overall superhero theme of the class.

Of all the introductions, I found twitter the easiest to do.

Although I do not use it often I know how use Twitter and was apply to complete this part of the assignment easily. I will say that throughout my introductions I forgot to keep the superhero theme in mind so none of my introductions really fir into the overall class theme. I will be sure to keep it in mind for future assignments.

Next was setting up and uploading a picture to Flickr.


I really like taking photos so the hardest part of this one selecting one that was a good representation of me. I am not a big fan of pictures of myself so I did not really have many of me to choose from, but looking through my pictures I found a common theme of sky pictures, specifically clouds. I also decided to choose this one because it was taken at Sugar Shack, which I am a big fan of even if I do not go as often as I would like to. Although I have not really used Flickr in the past it was easy to use.

I do listen to some podcasts on SoundCloud, but I have never uploaded anything on to it myself.

I struggled with this one trying to find a program that created the correct type of audio file so that I could upload it. The software that my computer comes converts audio files into something that is not compatible with SoundCloud so I had to go through a few programs and record my introduction a few times before I had one that I could actually use. However, I now have one that I know works so any future assignments involving SoundCloud should be easier at least on that level.

The part where I struggled the most was probably with YouTube.

My difficulty came not from a technical point, but more of a discomfort of recording myself which also ties into the fact that I do not really take pictures of myself either. I realize that I will likely have to record myself again for this class so this was a good easy start for me to get used to it. Somewhere where I will probably struggle with YouTube later is if I have to do any video affects. I have not really had to do much video editing in the past and could make video more difficult.

I found that parts of this weeks assignments were easier than I was expecting and others were more difficult. Setting everything up and getting the introductions themselves done were relatively easy, however I struggled with creativity and utilizing this semesters theme. Overall, besides the lack of superhero influence in my introductions, I also found that mine sounded mostly the same and there wasn’t a lot of creativity in each. I wasn’t completely sure how to get creative with the introductions beyond doing something on Flickr that you couldn’t necessarily get with the the other platforms. However, this should not be a problem in future assignments, especially once the theme is part of the assignment design. I will be sure to keep our theme in mind when completing future assignments and will be sure to include it in some form. Besides those few things, I feel I have completed the assignments for this week. I have created accounts on all required sites and I have had a chance to experience the different platforms we will be experiencing in this class and have at least a basic understanding of how each one works. I am interested to see how far beyond the basics we will go with each of these and how we will get to utilize them.