Trouble Strikes in Fredericksburg

Trouble Strikes in Fredericksburg

For the crisis ideas for our class to solve I decided to go for simpler everyday crisis to superhero city destruction level mission. I also included a villain mission since not all of the classes characters are necessarily a hero.

  1. College students across the city are beginning to struggle with end of semester assignments and finals. What can your superhero do to help? Distraction, study help, burn the test?
  2. An alien creature drops from the sky and begins to terrorize the city of Fredericksburg. What will your hero do to combat this villain? Kick it back into space or befriend it?
  3. Bats are attacking people on the river. What solution can you find? Get them to settle down or move to a new location?
  4. Jane Doe is stuck in traffic and late for work. How can you help? Move the other cars? Move her car? Cover her shift at work?
  5. Foreign military lands in the city. How will your character help? Will they save the city on their own or ask for help from other heroes?
  6. Villain mission: The city is too peaceful. What will you do to cause havoc? Power outage? Pop quiz?


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