Finally, I chose a timed writing assignment that was 2.5 stars totaling 8.5 stars. This assignment says that you have 10 seconds to say all the things you are thankful for. As a bonus, you also get 10 seconds to draw a self-portrait. I had ti force myself to not think about what I would write prior to starting the assignment because otherwise it would be like I got more than 10 seconds. I decided to do this in the midst of club activities so that I wouldn’t have time to overthink anything. Here is out my process went:

Setting up the timer. Start:

My mom, my dad, my family, friends, my education, my health.

I definitely thought I would able to get more than this, but in a way I suppose the short time span forces you to truly prioritize what you are thankful for.

10 seconds for a self portrait…

This was actually better than anticipated. Two of my most obvious features are my glasses and curly hair so I figured those would be the most important to highlight in a self portrait no matter how quick.

Overall, I believe the point of this assignment was focus. Focus on what is most important to you since you only have 10 seconds to write them. Focus on your most defining features since you only have 10 seconds to draw them. With more time, my picture probably would not have turned out any different because I am a bad artist at best, but with more time I could have filled pages with things I am thankful for. But with this assignment, my brain went to the most important things: my friends and family that support me, mt education that allows me to grow as a person, and my health that allows me to experience life. These are things that make my life better and I am grateful for them every day.

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