A Mile in My Shoes

A Mile in My Shoes

http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/where-do-your-shoes-take-you/ 4

For my last assignment this week I chose where my feet take me in a day which is worth 4 stars (12 total for the week).

A few weeks ago I did a soundtrack of my day so I thought this would be a nice pairing. Unfortunately, visually it isn’t all that diverse. UMW is a very brick filled campus so that was the background in most of my shots. Because of that, I did not include a clip from every part of my day. I left some out so that it wouldn’t be three minutes of brick. I thought this would be a nice play on “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes”. The video takes you from my morning, walking through my apartment till I walk back in my front door at the end of the day. I show several different locations including my walk to and from campus, Monroe Hall (where I had class that day), the Nest, and other random spots around campus. The music makes the video seem much more intense than just some simple walking and I like the layer it adds to it. It would have been interesting to see more changes potentially within the shots. Maybe I could have started int he morning when I first woke up and went until I went to bed. However, I also didn’t want to make the video too long since it was just me walking. Overall I really like how this turned out and I believe it’s a nice pairing tot my old audio assignment.

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