Action Packed Soundtrack of Week Five

Action Packed Soundtrack of Week Five

Done with the first month, in to the second. Audio was the overarching theme this time around.

For this week we had to do three daily creates.

First was combining two fears.

I cannot stand spiders. I don’t care how big or small they are, spiders are spiders. For this Daily Create I took an old picture of a spider I actually encountered in the dorms (taken by my roommate, not me) and edited to add something else I fear, Smalltalk. I am an awkward human being and hate silence so I try to fill it and all that comes out is the most painful Smalltalk you could ever experience. I felt I did a pretty good job of combining my two fears, although I did not enjoy digging up this picture and remembering this spider encounter.

The second was to draw our invention for something that had already been invented (but pretending that it had not).

For this I chose to recreate the flashlight. I kind of did a combination of a modern flashlight and a lantern. I chose to add a lantern aspect because without flashlights, that is likely what people would have been using and been more familiar with. However, if I went for the lantern look completely it would have looked like a camp light so I chose to combine the two. To me it almost looks like a headlight with a candle. I struggled with this a bit because I wasn’t sure how to design something that had already been invented without making it look like the actual thing. I did my best to make it as much my own as possible and I think I did pretty good.

Finally I did the one that asked us to create a theme using different objects.

When I saw this Daily Create I was at work. Looking around me, the only theme I could see was office upon office so I decided to take some of the office supplies I was surrounded by to create my theme. I have a feeling this is probably not what Professor Bonds had in mind, but considering my location, it was the best I was going to get and I still believe that it fits the topic of the create even if the theme itself is a little boring.

For my reflection on the impact of audio on narratives, I found that, because I don’t listen to just audio often, I didn’t have anything to pull from from that view. However, as an avid horror movie fan, I can see the impact of audio in addition to visuals. Creaking floorboards, the silence-that means something bad is coming. The moment of silence causes my hear to race because I know something is going to jump out, but where? And when? I think sound can strengthen the emotions presented by a visual or make you see it in an entirely new light.

My experience with DS106 Radio and live-tweeting it was interesting. I’ve never actually had to live tweet anything before so not only was this my first experience with that, but it was first time listening to DS106 Radio. The session itself was interesting because I don’t generally listen to just audio stories, I don’t even really listen to podcasts. The sound and effect themselves were very cool and interesting to hear. However, I did struggle simply because the story that was played the night I listened was very heavy into the Batman archive and I am not all that familiar with Batman. Overall though I enjoyed listening to it. I may actually need to give podcasts and the like another chance.

For my radio bumper for DS106 Radio, I struggled with out much to add. It was a bumper so there was only so much I could do, but I also didn’t want to make it so overwhelming that you couldn’t even hear the different parts of it. I am pretty happy with my final product because it gets the name of the station across while adding some simpler sounds to spice it up. The low rumbling in the beginning draws listeners in and the Dash sounds at the end tie it back into the superhero theme while also still shooting listeners into the next segment of the show. I feel that I completed the assignment in a way that fit my personal likes for radio bumpers.

I struggled with my Weather Woman Soundtrack because I wasn’t sure how much of her story to include. I looked back at my dossier that I created a couple weeks ago and tried to focus mainly on her early years of developing her powers. I didn’t use a lot of sound effects, but those that I did had an importance to her story and the song fir her personality. I wish I had started this particular assignment earlier because if I had given myself just a little more time I probably could had added a bit more, but I am happy with it now because it says what it needs to about Weather Woman.

My first assignment was a story through sounds (3.5 stars). I had to think for a little for what I wanted to do. I thought about doing something difficult to guess to give people a change, but I ended up deciding to go a more emotional route. One of the main points of this week was to learn the impact of sound on narratives so I decide to use sound to tell a sad, emotional narrative of a car crash. The part I struggled with for this was find the right sounds for the emotions I was trying to get across. I love how this turned out because I feel like it can have a really big impact on the listener.

For my second assignment I chose to make a Weather Woman power sample (2.5 stars). I chose this assignment because I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself. However, I probably should have paid a little attention to my surrounds before I picked this since it up being a lot more challenging than I thought since I didn’t have anything around me to really help make weather sounds. Although it’s probably not going to full anyone, I’m really happy with how it turned out and how I got to stretch my creative muscles creating the sound.

For my third assignment I chose to record the sounds of my day (4 stars). Since I like to write my summaries close to the order of the original weekly assignment posting, my completion process is a little out of order. This is actually the first editing assignment that I completed so it was first real time trying to use audacity. I struggled a little, but once I got the hang of it I was chugging along. This was also probably one of the more difficult assignments for this week because I had so many different recordings to combine. Overall, I feel like I did pretty well with this assignment and editing the audio. I didn’t really use the effects but I did have to edit sound levels because some of my audio was really loud and some of it was really quiet so I got to work my way around audacity quite a bit.

For my radio ideas, I came up with two possible topics. I actually struggled with this a bit because most of my experience with superheros comes from movies and I couldn’t really think of anything I would want to listen to show about. I ended up pulling one idea from my experience with the DS106 radio show by having a background discussion on a specific superhero and his associated characters so that people who aren’t super familiar with a superhero can quickly learn everything they need to i order to watch/or listen to something that requires that background knowledge. My other is to talk about a lesser known character. I have a co-worker who’s very into superheros so when I got to work I asked him to give me some lesser known heroes that could possible be discussed.

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