Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

Next, I chose a writing assignment that said to create a story using the letters of the alphabet. The assignment was three starts for a current total of 6 stars and one more assignment to go. With the assignment, I am supposed to write a story where each letter of the first word goes in alphabetical order.


Another broken CD eventually found grossly hiding inside Jake’s kart. Luckily my nanna offered (to) pay quite recently so that Ursulla (w)vouldn’t worry. (E)xcept Yolanda zipped.

This story sounds about as awkward as I had expected. It doesn’t entirely make sense and I fudged some of the rules with changed spellings and interpretations. Overall, I think my story makes some sense. Some of it doesn’t really, but I think it did pretty well with the assignment as I did manage to use every singe letter to create this store. The first letter limitations made it very difficult to stick to one plot, hence why there are around three. While it is sightly scattered, I really enjoyed writing this and having to think hard about what my text work would be.

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  • I also completed this assignment this week! My story sounded the same as yours. I liked how you used different pronunciations of words to fulfill the first letter rule (w-“vouldn’t”). It sounds like someone with a Russian accent could have said it!

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