An Analysis of the Superhero World

An Analysis of the Superhero World

For my analysis, I decided to go with Avengers: Age of Ultron as I have recently re-watched it. I also think it’s good because it contains many different kinds of superheros. I read the “How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheros” article. In this article, the author talks about a book by Jess Nevins. Nevins believes that today’s heroes have origins that can be traced back to ancient myths such as Gilgamesh. He also believes that there is not one definition of what a superhero is, but rather that they fall onto a continuum. Heroes become more or less superhero depending on the characteristics that they possess.

Superheros have several commonalities. They all generally have a power. This is not necessary some otherworldly power, but rather something that they bring to a situation that they can use to assist, whether it is Flashes super speed or Hawk Eye’s superb archery skills. They also have an enemy, sometimes it is a “living”, thinking robot like Ultron, and other times its the old computer at the office. They are also fighting to achieve something. The Avengers seek peace and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy just want to enjoy their shows. These are just a few of the patterns that can be found when analyzing Superhero works whether they be books, TV shows, movies, comic books, or anything else.

To me, a superhero is being (not always human or alien) with a gift that aids them in achieving their goals. This being has an end goal (although not necessarily an elaborate or complex one). They are also fighting against another being (either physical or it could be metaphorical). The hero does not always have to win, although they usually do. While I don’t necessarily view superherism on a continuum, I due believe that it cannot be easily defined. It can be up to individual interpretation.

Kurt Vonnegut and the Avengers

Here is my Vonnegut method analysis of the Avengers. The movie starts on an average day, the Avengers on fighting an enemy, but that’s their usual so not too bad, not great. They are fighting, mostly winning and then “woah” Stark and Banner find what seems to be artificial intelligence. They start testing it out to see if they could create a thinking computer system. While that’s happening they’re having a party, having fun when suddenly, Ultron appears. Fun time is over and they have to fight this power thinking robot that can also create and control other robots. The Avengers go to Sokovia to fight Ultron. They fight the robot army that he has built, and are doing pretty well, getting mildly concerned about all the citizens still in the floating hunk of rock they are on when S.H.I.E.L.D. shows up with carriers to bring everyone to safety. Things are really looking up when Pietro dies protecting Barton and a boy from the city. Everyone’s really sad, and then the city starts to fall, but then Stark and Thor manage to destroy the mass of Sokovia before it could reach the ground. Things get better for some, but not necessarily for others so there is a slow progression back to the good side. Banner is missing and Pietro is still dead, but a new Avengers team is forming and the future is looking bright.

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