Meeting Me… Briefly

Meeting Me… Briefly


My name is Kasey and I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am a history major in the secondary education program. I am a proud member of the UMW Relay for Life Planning Committee and I am an office for CPB Reel Deals. I can’t wait to see what we do in this class!


Here is a very brief greeting from me via SoundCloud.


I chose this picture because I have a real love of cloud pictures, especially at sunrise and sunset with all the colors. Also, I really do not like being in pictures the ones I have of myself are very few. Because I knew I would also be posting a video for everyone to see me, I decided to choose a picture that demonstrated some things I like: clouds, sunsets, and doughnuts. This picture was taken in Fredericksburg at Sugar Shack.

Twitter is probably the one form of social media that I never really got in to, but maybe this class will help me come to love it. Trying to start of this semester on the right foot with some positive thoughts.

As stated earlier, I am not a fan of getting my picture taken and video is no exception. While I am comfortable being in front of people as I plan to be a teacher, there is something about pictures and video that I am not a fan of. Hopefully this class will get me more used to them.

I am looking forward to this class and what it may bring!


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