Batman & Robin Take the #1 Spot on the Movie Charts

Batman & Robin Take the #1 Spot on the Movie Charts

Rather than completely change a cite, I chose to change to view of a cite. I took the Rotten Tomatoes review of the 1997 Batman and Robin. Arguably, this is one of, if not the most, hated version of the Batman franchise. While I don’t think its great, I actually enjoy watching this movie. So I decided to change it to a super positive review of one of my guilty please movies.

I changed every single score to be over 100%. They’re all ridiculous like 10000000/5 or 999%. I also edited to bars to show a 100% approval rating. I changed the description of the movie to demonstrate its high spot in the Batman hierarchy. I also changed each individual written comment to be more positive. For the most part I trying to keep towards the comments original topic, but I made it positive instead of negative. I also changed other description aspects such as the time of the movie and its rating.

It took my a little bit to get the hang of X-Ray Goggles and there were a few bugs when I was working that caused me to start over, but overall, I am really happy with how this turned out. I think its a funny take on a not-loved movie that I for some reason really enjoy and make it a movie chart topper.

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