Chemo Preparedness Pack

Chemo Preparedness Pack

For my first remix I decided to go back to the “What’s In My Bag?” assignment I did earlier in the semester. When I clicked on button, it gave a cancer related remix.

Cancer Sucks Preparedness Kit

This is something very close to my heart. I am actually a member of the Relay for Life Planning Committee at UMW. A club that organizes several fundraising events throughout the year leading up to our main Relay event in April. Relay for Life is part of the AMerican Cancer SOciety and raises money for cancer research and support programs. To recreate this I decided to create a preparedness bag of what someone in chemo may have. I have not personally had or been to a chemo session so I looked at several sites to see what they said people should bring. Based on those suggestions I added to the following:

  • Reading material (Cosmo and Priority List- a autobiography of a teacher who was diagnosed with brain cancer about his struggles in his life)
  • Earbuds
  • A scarf
  • Medicine
  • A waterbottle
  • A bracelet a memento for strength
  • and Chapstick

All packed into a purse that people would never guess contained small comforts for someone going through a grueling process. I lost a cousin to childhood cancer when he and I were both young. He was the closest in age to me on either side of my family so as I have grown up I have often had to take a moment to realize that the simple things that you got to do growing up, he never got the chance. He was 10 when he died and as I’ve gone through each stage of my life I have thought of how he did not get the chance to go to prom or go to college. Nor did he get to see his younger siblings do those things. Something so simple that people don’t necessarily think about. I can’t imagine having to go through chemo as an adult so I can only imagine how horrendous it was for a child. This assignment was very close to my heart  and is only a small representation of what I hope to end by being a part of clubs and organizations like Relay for Life.

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