College Reflection

College Reflection

For my next assignment, I decided to adapt a reflection assignment for freshman (4 stars) and turn it into an overall college experience reflection.

I used Quik to edit this video and used pictures I have taken or those of me taken by friends that were posted for public viewing on Facebook. I really wanted this video to be simple because I wanted the focus to be on what I was saying. Because of this I do not have any audio besides the recording of my own voice. I did the voiceover in one quick take because I didn’t want to overthink my response. All of the pictures are events that I have experienced or images I have taken at UMW that I thought captured its beauty. When I was growing up, my parents really pushed college because it is so important to have a college degree today. While I went in knowing I’d get a formal education, I didn’t realize how much I would get out of it personally. When I started college I was very in my own head not paying attention to the world around me. All of my friends were very similar to me and I didn’t really interact with a diverse group of people. Once I started college that changed. I became involved in clubs and began to meet new people. I also was able to experience different cultures through events on-campus and have become more aware through the many different classes I have taken over the last few years. I am much more aware of not only my local news, but also the world. I know college may not be all that life changing for everyone, but it has been for me. Without this opportunity I would be have been able to become to person I am today.

I could have spent hours trying to formulate all my thoughts, feelings, and experiences while in college and made a  minute podcast on why college is one of my greatest life experiences. I also could have made a super-animated over to top video for this, but I think the feeling in this video comes from its simplicity. Its all about my feelings about my college experience and everything I have enjoyed about about it over the years captured in the images. I liked making this video especially because I will be graduating soon and it was nice to take the time to look back on all of my college experiences. I technically have one more year after this for graduate school, but I am grateful for everything I have learned in the past four years.

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