Crisis Aversion Plan

Crisis Aversion Plan

My character, Weather Woman, generally deals more in the real life than superhuman beings so I decided to go more with real life crises for my final project. The different mediums I will be using are visuals, audio, and design.

For the designs, I will formulate them around Weather Woman’s quest to make the world for eco-friendly. They will be PSAs for how to be more environmentally friendly and why people should, showing what pollution has done to the earth.

  • Recycling signs that draw the eye
  • “Turn off the lights when you leave the room”
  • 5 effects of global warming
  • How has pollution impacted your area?
  • Benefits of carpooling
  • Litter bugs

For the photos, I will also bring in Weather Woman helping the people around her. They will demonstrate how she can make the lives of the people around her easier and happier. I will be creating drawings, editing photos together, and editing pictures I take myself to do this.

  • My photos
    • Sunny times during finals
    • Wind creating a storm of leaves for children to play in
  • Drawings
    • Sun shining onto solar panels
    • Wind pushing windmills in the mid-west
  • Photo editing
    • Rain during a drought
    • Snow days to get people a day off of school/work

For the audio, I will be creating more PSAs of Weather Woman informing the public of the state of the environment and what they can do to help.

  • The history of global warming
  • How is global warming affecting society today
  • How did she begin her eco-friendly journey
  • Steps she takes in her own life

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