Design in the Real World

Design in the Real World

For my DesignBlitz, I found the four following designs.

Payment Plans

I feel that this design is a good example of message. This is a payment plan poster for the payment plans offered by the Office of Student Accounts. The message is money, needing it and using it. The money tree draws people in and the then the simple text quickly lets people know what the message is.

Honor Code

I believe this poster is an example of dominance. Honor code is a big thing at UMW and honro code is the first thing you see when you look at this poster. Despite the bright colors, that is the first thing your eyes draw to on this poster. Those two words dominate over everything else on this poster just like the honor code dominates at the university.


This is the cover of my 2017-2018 planner and I believe that it is a perfect example of color and a lot of it. It isn’t really trying to convey a message, but for whatever reason it makes me happy. I love seeing the way all the colors come together. For me personally, it is a design of my life. It looks hectic and like everything is mess, but in the end it makes a beautiful image. So while my life may appear crazy, it all works in the big picture.


For this image I chose symbolism. I’ve used this before in a daily create but I thought it applied here too. This is a painting found in the Student Services area in Lee Hall. The title of the painting is God, but that is certainly up to interpretation. I’ve always seen is as a dancer, I’ve had people tell me they see someone exploring a city. It is a symbol of man, the mind and what the mind wants to see within the context of this painting.

Lee Hall

Although not an ad, I feel that Lee Hall on campus is a design of unity from the inside out. On the outside, it has several flags, each represents a country that a student from the university attends. These flags hang right beside the American flag, equal. They are an example of diversity and equality between students. This inside is an example of unity as well because this building contains the Student Services Center with a staff ready to help students.

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