Designs in Week Six

Designs in Week Six

Week six coming to a close, almost halfway there!

First there was my design reflection from one of the offered readings. Overall, the reading just really surprised me with the amount of things that creators have to consider when designing an advertisement or making a logo. Although I knew it wasn’t simple. I never realized it had that many facets.

Next was the DesignBlitz. This was actually harder than I thought it would be. Although there are posters and advertisements all over campus, I wasn’t sure what category they fit into. Ultimately, I found five things that I felt represented five different topics on the list. This was probably the most difficult assignment for me this week just in terms of choosing what to pick. I mostly chose images, however, I remembered in the reading how the author compared ad designers and architects so I also chose to include a building as one of my design objects. Overall, I feel that I did well with this assignment.

Then, from the select one section, I chose to complete the Superpower Tattoo. I had a lot of fun with this one because I knew I could include a tattoo design that I was already considering because it worked for me personally and fit into a superpower I wanted to have. I hate driving so if I could fly instead I would be ecstatic. I want to travel and I want to fly so the paper airplane was the perfect design for me in many ways. Although simple, I feel that the design fits the assignment and me perfectly.

First my first assignment I made a minimalist movie poster. I saw this and the first thing I thought of was the movie Benjamin Button. It was such an interesting movie, but I felt that it could be simplified into one central object mentioned in the movie. A clock that ran backwards. I created a simple clock with roman numeral and used an arrow to demonstrate the direct that it went in. It isn’t completely obvious if you haven’t seen the movie, but I really liked making the design and I love how it turned out.

Then I look inspiration from Weather Woman and made a motivational poster. I looked up some simple motivational phrases and found one that said “With great power comes the need to take naps,” and was instantly inspired. Weather Woman is constantly on TV so being refreshed in very important. However, as a superhero, something she may forget to sleep. The radio show from last week also helped inspire this with the weak and tired Batman. It doesn’t matter how strong the character is, they have basic needs. I had a picture on my phone of a cat that I watch sometimes sleeping and used her a Weather Woman’s cat. It is a motivational poster for the super and normal alike because everyone needs to sleep.

Finally, I made an advertisement for a product I thought Weather Women would want. One of weather woman’s goals is to get rid of the bad weatherman. A couple weeks ago I made a wanted poster with the image of guy pretending to be a weatherman wearing an umbrella hat. I used a low skilled drawing of him to show the power of the Weatherman Transporter. This invention transports bad weatherman to Antarctic where they can always get the weather right and stay with the penguins. I did mess up on the poster by misspelling Antarctica (missed the first “c”). However, overall I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m not the best artist so it is very good for me and I think it’s something my character would greatly enjoy.

This week we had to do three daily creates.

First was to make a smile using vegetables.

This assignment came up a few days before I went grocery stopping so the only vegetables I had on hand were in a can. Because of this I had to get a little creative. I decided to draw a vegetable and give him a motive. This unsuspecting carrot is happy about his freedom from the ground; unaware that this means is end may be soon.  Although I had to bend the rules, I had fun with this assignment.

Next was create a news story using a rejected storm name.

I chose the storm name Hades and have some fun with a few Greek mythology puns in my weather report. I used an audio recorder on my phone and then uploaded it to Soundcloud. I did not give my storm a location, but I discussed the storms that seemed to come from Zeus  himself. This was an interesting assignment to make because all of the name sounded fun to create something out of.

Finally was a post about our personal Kryptonite.

I chose traffic as my Kryptonite and took a screenshot of some lovely traffic of 95 on my Waze Traffic app. I have never really been a fan of driving (as I stated earlier) and nothing quite drains me as having to sit through traffic. I will take back roads and routes that take longer if it means not having to deal with traffic. I tried to find a red zone on the app (traffic basically stopped), but it wasn’t the right time of day. Still I think my point came across especially since there were accident markers on the road as well.


I had a lot of fun this week!

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