DS 106 Comes to a Close

DS 106 Comes to a Close

I didn’t have a ton of advice for future students because I thing half of the fun with this class and trying to figure your way through it. In general, I spoke of the benefits of online classes, shaping assignments to make them fun for you, and learning how to use WordPress and editing software.

For the final project I really wanted to try and build on what I had been doing all semester, not just include my character, but finding influences in past assignments. My character is able to connect to more real life evils than superhuman villains so I decided to head down an eco-friendly battle. Overall, I feel really good about this project. My eco-PSAs were definitely my favorite, with my litterbug poster coming in first…

Litter Bug

I tried to do a mix of PSAs that I felt my character would support and personal connections to my character so that I had some variety. While the PSAs were not a direct action from Weather Woman, they display message she would support and may advertise during a weather cast. I used photos and audio to draw that connection between my character and climate change. I edited images to show what her powers could do for the people of Fredericksburg, brightening the sky during finals week and adding just a little sun to help the flowers bloom early. I drew and image that her younger self would demonstrating the moment she became more aware of the environment. I also did radio segments where people could connect more with the character: her personal story of how she became cognizant of the environment and what she does to help the environment and what others could do. I will say that my audio segments are rather simple, but that is how I preferred it for what I was doing. I felt that too many extra sounds would take away from the message I was trying to get across. I feel good about my work on this final project and I think Weather Woman could make major strides in helping people help earth.

I have been trying to get into the online version of this class since I first started at UMW in 2014. I am so happy I decided to wait on this class because it has truly been a highlight this semester while I have been dealing with a large course load and major classes within my major. It was great to just sit down and be creative letting my mind go where it wanted. I am glad I had the opportunity to take this class.

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