Eco-friendly PSA

Eco-friendly PSA

For my first assignment I decided to channel my character Weather Woman and help push her eco-friendly agenda by creating a “5 Easy Ways to be More Eco-friendly in Your Everyday Life”. I adapt the Save the Earth by Saving Junk assignment (4 stars) by switching reusing old objects to general environmentally friendly practices.

I used OpenShot to edit this video. I recorded all the videos myself and the guitar background came from In the radio show, Weather Woman did a small segment on this environment. I decided to build on that and create a PSA to give people five simple ways to be more environmentally friendly. This is very representative of her ideals and could appear as a small segment on the news channel she works for. It’s also something that good appear as an ad on Facebook or any other social media platform. The five tips I had were: turn off water while brushing your teeth, reusable bottle, reusable bags, turning off the lights when you leave a room, and recycling. I chose these because they are simple things that people may not do, but that can really help. I also chose them because they are steps that I have taken in my own life to be more environmentally friendly. I like the message this video gives with simple images. I wish I had been able to more animation within the video, like a “X” over the plastic bags instead of moving them off the screen, but the software that I was using didn’t have a lot of extra features. Overall, I feel really good with what I did using what I had available to me.

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