Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

For this 2.5 start assignment, I had to take a picture of all of the stuff in my purse.


  • Book I am reading (This one is Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill-Stephen Kings son)
  • Phone cord with wall and car adapter
  • 15 lip products
  • Many pens
  • Lots of change
  • Movie ticket for It
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • “Just-In-Case” bag (multiple medicines, chap stick, nail file and clippers, band aides, wipes, hand sanitizer, earplugs, etc.)
  • More Advil
  • 2 types of mints
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Cough drops (I am attempting to keep a small cold from turning worse)
  • Snacks (for when I am at work since I work during the usual lunch time)
  • Lens wipe and cloth
  • Blotting paper

Although I generally carry a smaller purse while out on-campus. My main bag is a large over the shoulder. I am one of those people who like to have everything but the kitchen sink on them at any given time just in case I need it (or someone I’m with). I will admit that is is technically an edited version of what is in my bag because I chose to clear out the months of receipts that I had shoved into the bottom and side pockets before taking this picture. Besides that, I think that this a good (and someone horrifying) display of what it is my bag. The first thing that struck me when I finished clearing everything out was how many different lip products I had managed to gather into my purse. Anyone who knows me I generally don’t wear a lot of make up. Yet somehow I ended up with 15 different lip products in my bag. What was especially surprising is that most of them are lipsticks whereas I usually wear at most tinted lip balms. The rest of my purse is pretty standard for me (probably excessive for others). Although I have a lot of pens, I’m sure most of them don’t work because I am one of those people who throw bad pens back into my bag instead of doing myself a favor and throwing it away when I see that it’s bad. I would say that based on my purse contents I look a little over prepared and worried. And honestly that is pretty accurate for me. I would rather be over prepared than under prepared. I really enjoyed this assignment because I feel like it’s a way to let people learn something about me that they may not get to know just by talking to me since I would like to think that I don’t come off as a worrier in-person.

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