Exploring My Apartment Through Photoblitz

Exploring My Apartment Through Photoblitz

For this assignment, we had to use Photoblitz. Photoblitz gives you several photo assignments that you have 20 minutes to complete. When reviewing the list, I saw a few things that I knew I could get pictures of pretty easily so I decided to do multiple photos for some of the tasks.

  1. First was making a picture monochrome. Although it did say it did not have to be back and white, I found that to be the easiest so I took a picture of something in my apartment and edited it and I chose an older picture of mine to edit as well.
  2. Next was something that made me sick which is my kitchen sink. Although I hate doing the dishes, I also hate having dirty dishes just sitting in the sink.
  3. Next were loud objects. The first photo is of one of the fire alarms in my apartment. As anyone who has lived in one of the dorm can tell you, the alarms are LOUD. I also included a picture of an elephant poster I have in my room because elephants can be loud when they want to.
  4. Next was something that looked like a grid. For this I chose the floors of my apartments since the pieces of wood are squares.
  5. Then it was a picture of a beautiful mess. I chose my bed because it was pretty much always messy since I never remember to make it, but it’s beautiful because that is where I get to sleep and recharge.
  6. Next were opposites. I was able to capture two different opposites within one picture. It demonstrates healthy and sugar with the drinks themselves and then small community vs big business with a university club and the pepsi corporation.
  7. Finally, we have interesting fabrics. I chose Two rugs in my apartment, one that has an interesting design and one that is woven and has an interesting texture. I also took a picture of a cardigan that is soft and monochrome as well so it fits in with the first task without editing.

I really enjoyed this assignment because I got to look at my apartment in a new light trying to find things that fit into each category. For the photo editing tasks I just used a photo editing app on my phone so that I could do them quickly. I tried to format this as almost a tour of my apartment since my photos were mostly of different pieces of decor that I had. This way it is another look into me and my life and learning more about me.



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