Fighting Global Warming

Fighting Global Warming

For my final assignment, I chose to focus on the real world villain of global warming. My character, Weather Woman, has made an appearance for several other eco-friendly assignments so I thought I would end with a myriad of global warming information and PSAs.


First I completed a few visuals. I didn’t pick any specific assignments, but instead just created what came to mind. In this section I have several different types of visuals.

I create one drawing of my own. I wanted to draw on another assignment I created earlier in the semester and formatted it as a children’s drawing.

Wind Energy

I have a lot of family in the mid-west so I have spent a lot of time driving cross country. Something that really fascinated me was windmills. They were so many and it was fun watching them spin. I could picture a young Weather Woman seeing this and then latching onto environmentally friend practices and carrying into her adult life.

I also edited some pictures that I have taken. I originally wanted to include playing in fall leaves somehow, but grounds keeping got up most of leaves before I could, so I decided to change my plan a little.

Bright Day

Spring Pushing Through

These are both pictures I am taken myself and have edited to make things a little more vibrant. The idea for the top picture was a sunny day during finals week to try and cheer up the students. The bottom image is a single flower that Weather Woman helped coax to life by warming the weather up just a bit. You don’t want to disrupt nature too much, but a pretty flower never hurt anyone.

Next I edited two images to show to demonstrate the good Weather Woman’s powers can do.


Miracle Rain

In the top image, you see a woman-Weather Woman perhaps?-resting on a window watching the snow pour down, rescuing her from what would have been a miserable work day. The second image is an example of Weather Woman trying to combat a harsh side of nature. A drought has caused the land to crack and the community to crack down on what usage. Weather Woman is helping by bringing in some rain.


My next assignments were focused around design. Specifically, I was creating PSAs, four of them.

Litter Bug

This poster was meant to be simple but cute. I really like white lettering on a dark background, (which you may come to notice) because I feel like it has more of an impact. I used a image of some general littered products and cut out a portion into an oval shape. I then layered that over an image of a bug to create a Litter Bug: simple, cute, but gets the point across.


One of the simplest ways to be more eco-friendly is to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Again, in this design I was going for simple. If I’m going to look at an ad or poster I generally look at simpler ones because they aren’t as overwhelming. I used two images and a couple lines of text to give out a simple piece of advice.

Climate Change

In retrospect, this design was not the best because the background is a little too lights to have white writing over it. However, I still like how its a quick easy view of what our world is facing today, and may face in more extreme measures in the future. While these are generally what people know about climate change, it doesn’t hurt to put the message out again.


For some, carpooling is annoying and not possible. For others, it is a brilliant, viable choice that they either aren’t aware of or choose not to take. Car emissions are hazardous to the environment and the more cars there are the worse it gets. At this point in time, it’s not feasible to walk/bike everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean the the environment has to be put on the back burner. This posters lists some true and some funny reasons why people should start carpooling.


Finally, I did three audio segments. I formatted all of them as different radio segments because I really like how the radio shows turned out earlier in the semester. I used audacity to edit them and from any additional sounds/music/effects within the segment. All spoken parts were recorded by me.

This a brief history of events regarding climate change. It includes events that helped push climate change and discoveries as it became more well known. I used a timeline from BBC to create this segment. I added little sound effects throughout because I generally find most radio stations just add sound effects to everything. I also added a piano track throughout to help bring everything together.

In my visuals section I include an image drawn from the perspective of a young Weather Woman. Hear, I have the adult version talking about that moment in her life. The time when she saw a windmill, a giant technological version of her front yard play-toy and became fascinated with the environment. Because this was more personal, I didn’t want to cloud it with extra sounds so all it has is a piano soundtrack playing quietly in the background.

I decided to do another segment with Weather Woman since this would be my last chance to include my character in an assignment. For this one, I again expanded on something I did earlier in the semester, which was ways to be more environmentally friendly. This included most of those and a few more. However, it’s different because it’s more personal. It’s weather woman talking about what she does in life, connecting with her audience on things like shorter showers even though we want to escape winter in warm water. It adds another layer that people can connect with while still getting the eco-friendly message across.

So this was my fight with real life villainy. Trying to convince people that the environment is important, it is in danger, and we need to take steps to help.

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