First My Mother, Forever My Friend

First My Mother, Forever My Friend

For my last assignment this week, I decided to go with Writing Assignment 1903. For this assignment we have to write an open letter to our mom. One thing I like to pride myself on is that I can made very heartfelt, sappy gifts for any occasion. That being said I don’t usually post said things out to the public. However, I have decided to do so here because I think that it is important to thank the people in your life for what they do and there is no way for me to possibly thank my mom enough so I should express my thanks in any way that I can.

Dear mom,

Thank you. Two simple words can never describe how grateful I am for everything you have done for me in my 21 years of life and everything you will do for me in the future. There are no letters, words, blog posts, or books that can truly express how much you have done for me. You have been my mother, my sounding board, my mentor, my teacher, my cheerleader, my protector, my support, my friend, and so much more.

You have taught me so much in life and have helped me become the person I am today. You supported me all throughout school no matter how good (or bad) I did. You supported in each painstaking life decision I made (remember that time I tried to be a vegetarian?) and you supported me when I decide those choices were no longer for me (how did I think I could live without tacos?).

You are there for me when life is going good to cheer me on and you are then when life decides to pull the rug from under me to lift me back up. I have never questioned whether I could go to you with something, good or bad. You’ve given me advice when you’ve had some or simply been there as a sounding board when you didn’t or if I just needed to rant.

You’ve been a role model for me in life. You have taught me to never settle when it comes to my own happiness. You’ve taught me that it takes action to make your life what you want it to be. You’ve taught me that change can be good and that I need to open up my mind and my heart to the world around me.

So-gracias, merci, danke sehr, grazie, thank you. Although those words will never be enough, I will continue to say them in the hopes that you get even the smallest understanding of how thankful I am to have you in my life as a mother and friend.

2 thoughts on “First My Mother, Forever My Friend”

  • I love this assignment and wish I saw it before I completed my three weekly assignments. It is so true, I don’t think any of us know exactly how to thank out parents for all they do for us. Especially moms, great post!

  • This is so beautifully written! I can relate to this post greatly. My mom and I are also best friends. It is everything that I think but it is hard to get it all written down. If I took the “Dear Mom,” part off and just read it with out knowing who you were talking about, I would have thought about my mom the whole time. Awesome job!

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