Group Work in Week Seven

Group Work in Week Seven

This week was a radio show focused week with more audio editing practice.

This week we picked groups and started working on our radio shows. I feel really good about my group and where we are at right now. My group has decided our name, tagline, overall topic, and divided up jobs. Everyone knows what they need to do and the basic format their section of the show has to follow. We’ve set up a nice start to ensure the show moves forward smoothly. We wanted to make sure we got everything set early because it is fall break next week and we won’t be on campus on Monday or Tuesday. We are all set to do our own part and then meet next week to bring all the different parts together.

Next I made my radio show poster. I used a bugged image that I took last summer and did some small edited to bring it into the shows theme. I added a lightening bolt to help bring in the concept of the effects of global warming added the name of the show and a short line of its overarching theme to let people get a general idea of what it is about. Although I did not have to do too much editing, I really like how to poster turned out and feel like its eye catching while still being informative.

One of my assignments this week was a 3 star assignment that said to create a ringtone. I struggled with this one because my original idea did not really work. I wanted to layer three versions of one track at different pitches to try and create and interesting sound. However, every time I tried it did sound right or really good at all. Then, while still trying to make these edits, I creating something that sounds scary. Although not my original plan, I thought it sounded cool and seasonal and when I added the clown laugh to add another horror layer I really liked how it turned out.

Next I created a commercial worth 4.5 stars. I altered an assignment that said to create a scary soundtrack with only sounds and added minimal dialogue to create a commercial for my groups radio show. This was the most difficult assignment to this week because there were so many sounds I had to organize and layer since I made each piece of audio an individual track. It was a lot to keep track of and sort. I plan to improve on it next week for the radio show, but I like how to sounds now and I feel like it sounds like a could be a real radio commercial for a hunter house.

Finally, I completed a 3.5 star assignment that said to portray an emotion through sound. I used my character Weather Woman as an influence for this assignment. I tapped into the mind of my character and tried to figure out what sounds were make her feel relaxed and peaceful. I used four different sounds to develop this emotion. I used a swing for that chair she sits in, pages for the book she is reading, chimes that she moves with her powers, and the birds in the trees around her. Not only is this peaceful for her and maybe something she could listen to when she wants to de-stress while still at work, but I think it can be relaxing for other people as I know it is also relaxing for me. I really like how well this assignment turned out with just a few different sounds.

This week we had to do Three Daily Creates.

For my first, we had to post a bad reason to call a superhero.

I used a picture of my second cousin who is very spoiled and cannot be put down for more than 2 minutes without crying. It’s been a while since there was a baby in my family and he gets a lot of attention because of it. Although I did not edit this image, I still feel that it fits the assignment because my family will rush over to see why he’s crying just to realize that he’s fine he just wants someone to hold him. And since parents are kind of like superhero’s the story still works.

For the second, we had to make an animated image of something fast.

I used Giphy to add an airplane/fighter jet to a picture I took of Lee Hall. Although simple, it still fits the assignment because it is a GIF and fighter jets are definitely fast. I also liked this because you can other hear planes and helicopters while walking across campus so it created a visual for the sounds that I often hear and think “are they about to crash into the school?” In this case, maybe!

Finally, we has to do an uncliche images for Friday the 13th.

I didn’t really see anything unlucky today, in fact I walked into work to see a fresh bowl of Halloween candy which I think it pretty lucky since I work during normal lunch hours and don’t usually have time to eat. I added one line to the image to demonstrate that it was a very lucky 13th at that moment in time. Plus, this fit into the Halloween track that I seem to be favoring right now.

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