Maleficent Life…

Maleficent Life…

For my next writing assignment I choose a Dear Diary with my favorite Disney Villain. It is labeled at three stars. The assignment is to simply write a diary entry from an everyday life of a Disney villain. I chose this because I love Disney and the villain aspect connects to the class theme.

Dear Diary,


Today was long. Diablo, my raven, has been ill and very difficult to care for. While I am trying to work and organize my shop I kept having to stop to deal with him. After several hours I had to break down and take him to a vet where they told me he simple had a cold and required some “simple” medicine. This simple medicine cost me over $300 on top of the $100 just to see the vet and the $250 for all the tests they ran.

I swear, if he was not my favorite creature I would not put up with it. As it is, I had to close down the magic shop for the day to take him, costing me so much money. SO many people believe that simple herbs are all they need to do magic and they will pay handsomely for the chance to possibly be able to practice magic. It is too bad that they have no idea that magic is something you must be born with, not something you can buy. It is lines my purse so who am i to complain. After taking Diablo to the vet I was forced to sit in the horrendous traffic on the way back. A few cars seemed to have radio malfunction when teenagers playing loud music pull up next to. Such an odd coincidence… hehe. It’s too bad that the radio couldn’t fix itself after they got away. But maybe it will teach them a lesson.

Now I am back home, finishing by dinner as Diablo rests. I fear I do not have time to write too much more because I have to care for Diablo.

Until next time…

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