Minimalist Paradise

Minimalist Paradise

For my second web assignment I chose this 4.5 star assignment to design my own bedroom using Pinterest. Although my actual bedroom has come closer to my ideal dream room, it still has a long way to go. I created a new board on Pinterest and added furniture and decor that I would want in my dream room. Some of the things I include are:

  • Oversized reclaimed wood headboard
  • Large bed with a white comforter and muted color accents with pillows and blankets (dusty rose/taupe color)
  • Abstract colorful paintings
  • Plants
  • Simple minimal desk
  • Geometric shelving
  • Statement mirror
  • Flowers
  • Some DIY pieces

I really like white minimalist decor with a few statement colorful paintings to bring some interest back to the room. However, I am not the neatest person and will likely at some point eat in my room so white furniture does not work well with this. I actually have recently switched to a white and grey comforter in my actual bedroom and have kept it clean, but the idea of a full white one is actually kind of terrifying. I’m also an introvert and stay home often so I would want lots of plants in my space. I do have several spread out through my apartment now, but I don’t really have any at home. The headboard I pinned is an actual one that I want, but cannot currently (and probably will never be able to) afford. I like to combination of soft and bright, geometric shelving and flowing plants. I want to have this minimalist room because I think it would help my feel more organized, but I have lots of knick knacks and wall pieces that I love and want to put up as well. I also like doing DIYs. While I would not try to keep everything, I would want to keep a few of my favorites to keep in my room. I’m moving in the right direction of my dream room, but still have a long way to go (and probably will be moving that way for a long time.

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