Mixing It Up In Week Twelve

Mixing It Up In Week Twelve

Let me start off by saying that I apologize, because I did not do a good job of reading the assignment directions. I realized a couple issues when I read through the the Weekly Assignments post again. I did not connect any of my original mashup assignments to my character so I created a new mashup assignment and completed it as a fourth mashup that did connect to my character so that I’d have at least one. I also realized that as I was looking for the remix tags that we were not supposed to remix our own work. Both of mine were remixes of assignments I had already completed,  however I am very happy with how they turned out so I hope they are okay. Now onto my assignments…

This week we had to do two daily creates, My first was using images to and get people to guess a book.

Me Before You is my favorite book that I’ve read in the last few years because I got so into it that I was actually sobbing at the end. With school I don’t necessarily have a lot of time to read for fun, but I was really excited to read it. I pulled some parts of the book that those who have read it (or seen the movie) would be able to easily recognize. The tights and read dress are representative of the main female character. And the motorcycle are representative of the main male character. I then took these photos and made a collage. It was nice to go through the book in my mind again while I was creating this, reminding me of how much I enjoyed reading it.

Next was to create a shadow using an object.

I am currently is the end stages of writing my final research paper for my capstone history course within my major. I grew up surrounded by historical sites and it has instill a love of history and I decided to become a history major after coming to college. History isn’t pretty. It’s full of tragedy. However, I think it’s important to learn about our past in order to be better prepared for the future. No matter how horrible the event, I think it’s important to know about history so that we can do everything in our power to keep it from repeating. I used a ring I have to create a heart in this book about Cherokee history that am using as a source for my research paper. This specific page discusses one of the many tragedies face by the Cherokee. Although it is a bad part of our history when you consider how much Indigenous people suffered at the expense of American expansion, it is vital that we acknowledge it so that people do not continue suffer due to our actions.

My first mashup this week was a closeup using two different photos.

I actually ended up adding a third image to make the story that I was trying to create more understandable. Waking up is generally not a pleasant thing for me since I’m not a complete morning person. I don’t hate mornings, but mornings hate me. I really like how this photo turned out. I was worried about cutting out the top layers since I have never done it before and that it would look weird, but it ended up turning out very well and the images blended beautifully.

My second assignment was taking a logo of a company and incorporating something I love to get at that place.

This assignment’s story actually changed after I created it. I had intended to make an artistic adjustment to Sephora’s minimalist logo. However after I finished making this, I thought it looked kind of creepy. A common feeling is that when you go to Sephora without makeup it is kind of assumed that you are an amateur and don’t know anything so what are you doing in this high class make-up place. The new feeling created was the judgey eye of the employees. I know I have definitely felt that feeling. I had to spend a decent amount of time trying to find a good eye to use in this. Once I found one I changed it to black and white and superimposed it over the “o”. I wish I had been able to blend the edges better to create a more gradual transition to white. The way it is right now is a little harder than I had originally intended.

Next was creating a new image using two sports team logos.

Although I am not a fan of really any sport, I do have two football teams that I am a fan of out of family obligation. A large portion of my family is from Iowa and Minnesota, therefore, I am a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes and Minnesota Vikings. In this mashup I superimposed the Hawkeyes logo onto the Viking’s helmet. It looks like a cute little sticker on hit helmet to support his favorite college team. I do think this is a little simplistic. However, these are really the only two teams that I even remotely know about and there was only so much I could do with the logos.

For my final (makeup) mashup assignment, I created a new assignment to place superpowers into an everyday situation.

Attack on Weatherman

My character Weather Woman has an goal to get rid of all bad weathermen. Somethings she better about how than others. In this case, her emotions got the best of her and created a storm indoors. After trying to edit the lightening image to superimpose on this an its appearance being not the best, I was a little more selective with my rain and cloud image and chose a cartoon instead of actual rain/clouds because it was easier to get rid of the background. I wish the lightening had turned out better, but overall I like how this turned out. I also found it different funny how he is completely confusing instead of terrified at the lightening in front of his face.

My first remix was of the “What’s in My Bag?” with a cancer sucks aspect.

Cancer Sucks Preparedness Kit

This remix ended up being very close to my heart because I am part of a club that raises funds for cancer research and support programs. I thought about how my purse was full of things that made me happy or made me more comfortable in my day to day life and what someone who is going through chemo would have in theirs. I used a pretty Kate Spade bag because someone in the beginning stages may appear healthy, but in reality they are facing many hardships and need help to get them through a grueling process like chemo. In theory, I could used my own belongs for most of these and I can of wish I had so that it would look more realistic instead of a bunch of individual images put together. With the exception of the bag, pills, and bracelet, I own all of these things and a real image may have had a bigger impact as it would bring it back to reality.

For my second remix it when back to my weather woman power sample and was given a Jackson Pollock inspiration remix.

I looked through many different paintings until I saw a superhero inspiration in one of them. The one I ultimately picked reminded me of the chaos of heavy storms. In my original assignment I did a simple wind and chimes demonstration of Weather Woman’s powers. However, with his painting I was inspired to demonstrate what the dark side of her powers could “look” like. I had to bend the rules a little bit to allow me to use anything inside my apartment instead just things within arms reach. However, I did only use sounds created by me and nothing from a public use forum. Ultimately, this ended up sounds more like heavy rain than a hurricane, but both can be very hectic and capture the feeling I got when looking at the painting.

Finally, we have the tutorial. I decided to go back and give a tutorial on how I did my child’s drawing assignment because it was something I struggled with recently. Most of the struggle came from using a few different programs. I learn best through visuals so I decided to go with more image based instructions. I took screenshots from each step in the process using red arrows and boxes to draw attention to the important parts. I wasn’t very text heavy, but I went based on the assumption that by the point in the semester I created this, student’s would be mostly familiar with how to use the programs separately, it was just about bringing them all together to create something new and interesting.

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