Movie Minimalism

Movie Minimalism

For my first assignment this week I chose one worth 3.5 stars. This one said to create a minimalist poster for a movie.

Minimalist Movie Poster


For this poster, realistically you probably would have had to see the movie to completely understand the poster. I chose the movie Benjamin Button. A reoccurring mention in the movie is this clock that runs backwards, the same way that the main character does. The movie is about a man who is born old and his body grows young as his mind grows old. So I created a simple clock with roman numerals for the main numbers. Then I had to add the arrow so that the running backwards concept could be understood. I tried to simplify the image as much as possible, but I knew without the numbers it would be practically impossible to figure out. If I could, I would add an animation to this poster to have the clock run backwards instead the arrow. However, since it is a poster I had to be realistic.

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