One Day as a Super Hero

One Day as a Super Hero

From the two choices, I chose A Day in the Life as a Superhero. Using the name generate in the assignment I have to describe a day in my life as my assigned hero. My hero name is the Amazing Angel, and angel who has fall from heaven and I have the power summon a pillar of fire to smite my enemies, mainly ghosts.

I wake up with the rising sun in my penthouse in Shanghai. After falling from heaven, a penthouse is the closest I will ever get to it again. I awake peacefully going through my usual morning routine: Shower, breakfast on the balcony, read through some emails.

Although I have fallen from heaven I still retain some of my powers, one of which allows me to sense danger, however I do not sense anything right now. I work part time as an editor for an academic publishing company and spend some time each day reviewing books and articles. By noon there is still no sign of danger. I move into my living room to catch up on the latest episode of the TV show The Sinner (ironic I know). Towards the end of the episode I sense a disturbance just outside my penthouse. I turn my head to see a small ghost hovering outside the window. It begins to weave back and forth and hit my window. With a slight mental push a pillar of fire shoots from the streets below up to and past my window, engulfing the ghost inside. After a few seconds I pull back and the ghost is gone. I finish the episode work some more on editing.

At 5 o’clock I move to the kitchen to make my favorite dinner, shrimp tortellini with an Alfredo sauce. I eat my dinner while watching the sun set behind the city. I pull a pint of Halo cookie dough ice cream from the freezer. After finishing my dessert I cleaned my dishes from the day and put them away. Then I walked to bedroom and got ready for bed. I laid my head on the pillow to rest for the next day and whatever it may bring.


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