Pollock Hurricane Ispiration

Pollock Hurricane Ispiration


I pulled inspiration from the painting Full Fathom Five by Jackson Pollock.


Earlier in the semester I created a sound sample of my character’s, Weather Woman, power using only things right next to me. For this remix, it said to pull inspiration from a Jackson Pollock painting. I google his work and came across this piece, which really reminded me of a hurricane so I decided to up my character’s powers and create a hurricane sound.

I had to bend the rules of the original assignment and decided to create a hurricane sound using only things available to be in my apartment. Using my shower, a fan, blinds, cups, and my own voice I tried to create a heavy rain/hurricane sound. Although Weather Woman using uses her powers to stop hurricanes or make a nice gentle breeze, she technically is capable of producing a hurricane if she so chooses. The destruction she could create would probbaly look a lot like this painting in the moment. I used audacity to edit this together.

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