Radio Show in Week Eight

Radio Show in Week Eight

This was week two of the radio show project and here is our finished project

My group named our show KLLM Radio using the first letter of all of our first names. We combined two of our group member ideas and decided to form our show around the origins of our characters (what makes them who they are) and how they would interact today by connecting them to some issues in today’s society. For example, my character can control the weather and discussed global warming. We were able to successfully take this idea and apply it to all of our characters. Most of our commercials are seasonal (Halloween) and we used the bumpers to create cohesion within the show. I feel that we successfully completed this assignment.

Working on the radio show this week was relatively simple since our group did the bulk our work last week. We used the audio assignments from last week to start on the different parts of the radio show and we made all major decisions regarding theme and assignment roles so that we could work mostly independently this week. Since Fall Break was this week that was really helpful as none of use were on campus Monday or Tuesday to work on this. We made firm choices and trusted each other to get our parts done. We were able to get together again Thursday to put the show together and work out any possible kinks which was really helpful since we had time fix any potential problems. I am really happy with how this turned out and how our group worked together.

This week we also had to do two daily creates.

The first one I did was a picture of a spiral.

The image I used was a section of a fence or gate when I visited Agecroft Hall with the Historic Preservation Club. I loved this picture when I took about a year ago and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this assignment. I love going to historic sites and seeing how they have been preserved or melded into today’s society. Agecroft is located near the James River and I love how this image captures all the nature around the hall. I believe it is beautiful and reminds me how peaceful it was when I was there.

My second daily create was a “Why I Write”.

I chose to create a WordCloud to express why I write. I put down a lot of words that came to mind when I thought of that question and then repeated the ones that resonated with me so that they would be bigger. Although I do not do it often, writing for me is more therapeutic. I keep a journal on and off and used to write stories when I was in high school. I usually write more fiction because I like to escape to somewhere else when I am feeling upset or overwhelmed rather than dwelling on what is bothering me right then. Writing (as well as reading) allows me to take a step back and think so that I can work things calmly rather than in the anxious state I usually start in. I also chose the blue theme fr the cloud because I see blue more as soothing than sad so it also fit into the mindset that I in when I considered reasons for writing. I am really happy with how it turned out as it allowed me to create and still use words.

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