Sickness Strikes in Week Four

Sickness Strikes in Week Four

Sickness starting circulating at UMW and while I have thankful help off from the worst, I have been feeling not to hot all week and trying to sleep it off. This lead to a lag in my participation unfortunately. I looked at twitter every day to see what my classmates did, and I looked at the posts on the website, but I did not participate as much this week as I would have liked. I know, for me, this will be something I will need to continue to work on throughout this semester to make commenting and looking at these every day as automatic as checking my email. I tried to not let my sickness effect my assignments as much.

My experience with photography to date is pretty limited. I only really take pictures with my phone now and it’s usually to take picture of nature when I go to places like Natural Bridge, of animals, or of clouds when I’m out and see a view that I find interesting. Although I like to take pictures and I think they look good, I would not label myself a photographer in a real sense. I have very limited experience editing photos as well.

My evaluation of  the photography reading. These readings focused on how to take a good photo and how to the narrative of that photo is created. The narrative is not decided by the object, but rather the person interpreting it. This interpretation can then change depending on visual.  Tools such as contrast, lighting, perspective, selective-ness, and more can affect not only what story is told in the first place, but specifically how the narration goes based on how effective the tools were used. Better photos allow for better narratives, but the narrative is up to the interpreter of that image.

Then there were the visual assignment. For the superhero themed one, I chose a to put a superhero in every day life. For this I made a GIF of Superman doing his dishes.

I feel like I did this assignment well. I chose to do a GIF so that I could the animation to bring the Superhero aspect up some by having Superman float in “his” kitchen. I enjoyed this because I got to layer something I do not enjoy doing (dishes) with a superhero image. The assignment was pretty easy although it was difficult to angle myself in the kitchen to where view of Superman and the sink would make sense since my kitchen is pretty small. I really enjoyed this assignment. When the group was discussing it this was one of my favorite suggestions because it connect the superhero world that many people are obsessed with into our own.

For the Visual Assignment bank assignments worth 6 stars, I chose three different assignments. First, I chose to take a picture of the contents within my purse.

For me, this assignment served two purposes. One, it met the requirements of the assignment, and it forced me to take out the four months worth of receipts (not pictured) that had been building up in my bag. I really enjoyed this because it forced me to realize that I tend to horde certain types of things in my purse (like change, pens, and lip products). The assignment wasn’t overly difficult, but I thought it was also interesting because you can really learn something about people by what they keep in their bags. I feel that I successfully completed this assignment (even if I did exclude the garbage from my picture). and I enjoyed completing it.

Next, I did the wanted poster assignment and connected it back to my superhero, Weather Woman.

One of her goals in life is to give perfect weather forecasts so it’s no wonder she doesn’t like joke weathermen who think good looks and comedy make up for their inaccurate reports. The longest part of this process for me was finding a picture to put on the poster. I wanted to find one that truly portrayed how Weather Woman sees other weathermen (and women) who just give out weather reports without caring about their accuracy. The creator of this assignment provided a link to a wanted poster generator so that made this assignment easier since I struggled quite a bit with the photo editing software. I enjoyed this assignment because I like the wanted poster photos and I got to incorporate that with my superhero character that I created last week.

Next I did a change to mood of a photo using editing assignment.

This is the one I had the most difficulty with because I had trouble figuring how how to use the photo editing software that I downloaded (I understand the not-user-friendly warning now). However, after messing around with things for a while I feel like I did a good job of making the picture brighter and more cheery. I brought warmth bag to the picture that was lost in the original photo. While it was definitely the most difficult, I feel I did the assignment well and I am happy how it turned out.

Finally there was the Photoblitz. This gave us 20 minutes to take/edit photos from a list of assignments. I tried to format this as a tour around my apart to give people another look into me. I feel that I completed this assignment because nto only was I able to take at least one picture for each task. Although this assignment was not difficult in execution, having the time restraint instantly made it more stressful especially when I decided to try and format it around an apartment tour and having multiple pictures for most of the tasks. However, I like that I was able to include a variety of picture into this assignment.


My first daily create this week was for Paperback Paradise.

When looking on google I found that many of the Paperback Paradise edits were very salacious and didn’t seem quite appropriate for this class. When looking at covers of older books I found this one from a James Bond book from the 1950s. As soon as I saw it I could not stop thinking about Thing from the Addams Family movies (the severed hand butler). I decided to play on that and create a creepy, try-at-romance cover for this daily create. I feel that I accomplished this create and and am very happy with how it turned out.

My second was on shadows.

I kept an eye out during the day, but I never really saw a shadow that looked like something else that I could take a picture of. So I decided to put a different spin on the assignment and use shadows as an alternative for the photo-shy family. This is a picture I look with my mom and brother when we were taking a trip to Shenandoah. We stopped by this lake/pond on the way there and I took this photo while were on a footbridge that went into the water. While this was not the exact assignment, I do believe it is an appropriate play on the prompt that was given.

And my third was regarding confusion.

Confusion is really the only word that comes to mind when I see this painting. I saw it for the first time in June 2014 when I was visiting the Student Services Center during orientation. I later got a job in that area and have been looking at that picture ever since trying to understand it. It is titled God (Alternative title Man). Not only does this confuse me and the other people in my office, but I’ve also had students who’ve been at my window and questioned me about it to see if I knew what it was. I’ve never talked to someone who actually understood what this painting is trying to portray.

Overall, I feel that this week was mostly successful. While I did flounder a little in commenting on student work, I did look often and I did well in completing the different assignments and daily creates this week.

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