Super Themed Week Three

Super Themed Week Three

Let’s start with the Superhero summary and reflection. I read the myths and superheros image article and found it very interesting. I have read Gilgamesh,  but just realized its connection to stories such as the hulk. I found several commonalities between the tribes and gave my own definition as well. The with the Vonnegut, I created what I believed to be a pretty accurate representation of the good vs bad side chart for the Avengers.

Next was the character dossier. In this, I created the character Weather Woman or Helen Clearview. Helen is a meteorologist with the power to control weather. The main part of this assignment, since we have already completed the google form, was to add, giver a background story and daily life. Helen likely gained her powers from hurricane and she can now stop them if she want to. Overall, I feel good about my character and my ability to use it in future class assignments. I really liked this assignment because this a power that I actually want since the weather and I often do not get along.

I feel pretty good about my communication level. I was active on both Twitter and the blogs. While there is room for improvement and I can participate more, I believe I am making steps int he right directions towards communicating better with my class and reviewing their work. Communication is something I plan on working on more and more as the weeks go by.

Next is the day in the life assignment. I was assigned a character name and power and I had to write a day in that characters life. I decided to be more subdue with my character. She only “battled” on ghost and it was a small one. While I did not create an adventurous tale of heroics, I gave a full easy going day in the life a superhero. While they may be heroes, not every days had to be a book adventure. I thought the character assignment of a fallen angel since that is not usually my first thought when I think superhero. But it was a nice mental refresher and I was able to make a few heaven/sinner jokes as well if they are not the best jokes.

Next was a Dear Diary post (3 stars). The assignment said to pick a Disney villain and I picked Maleficent because she is my favorite villain. One reason I picked this is because the villain aspect played into our superhero theme. However, I also really enjoy journal writing. I found this pretty easy I have been attempting to journal for years (although it never sticks) and have a lot of experience. Then I just put myself in the mindset of a vexed woman who doesn’t like dealing with people (or anything really) and wrote. I really enjoyed this and an even tempted to continue the journal beyond the one for this post just to see where I could take it.

Next I did an alphabet related assignment (3 stars). In this I had to write a story where the first letter of each word followed the alphabet. This was by far the most difficult assignment of the week. I did not think it would be overly simple, but once I got started I realized how difficult it really was. I ultimately completed the assignment, but my story was pretty random and was not completely coherent. Each sentence basically made sense on its own, but together they seem a little more random.

Finally, I did a timed writing assignment (2.5 stars). In this assignment you have 10 seconds to write things you are grateful for and 10 seconds to draw a self portrait. Both are pretty fair. My portrait was about as good as it was going to get. With more time, I could have written a lot more things I am thankful for, but I think the ones I got down are representative of the absolute most important things I am thankful for. And, as I said last week, I like to take time to say thanks to the important people and things in my life. While the time constraints on this were difficult, the assignment itself was straightforward and I enjoyed it.

Daily Creates:

This week we had to complete three daily creates.

I struggled with this one at first because I had never made a GIF before. However, I was able to find a site online that lets you add animated features to images to make them into GIFs. I thought this was very interesting and I also just found the pictures themselves interesting as I am currently taking a Modern Japan history class.

This one was slightly easier than the first because I had discovered that GIF making site. The cat in this picture is Tilda and I dog-sit her little brother quite often. Although she is a sweetie, she is a loner and can give you an absolute death stare. Due to this infamous stare, I thought the ability to summon hellfire and destroy all the insignificant humans was very appropriate.

I believe I have said before that I am not a huge fan of getting my picture taken. Because of that I decided to go a different route with the Power Pose Daily create. While a power pose once to take a picture would be nice. I thought a power pose reminder in my planner (that I look at multiple times a day) would be much better for while still meeting the assignment with my nice teal cape. Now as I struggle through 18 credits, clubs, and work I will be reminded of the power pose and can do it to lift myself up when needed.

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