The Obstacles of Music Mashups

The Obstacles of Music Mashups

For one of my assignments this week I decided to cover with the assignment post from the Audio section 2021. This assignment said to take two different covers of the same song an use YouTube Doubler to create a mashup. I chose to do a Send My Love Cover Mashup using the song from Adele. I chose this assignment, because it included two things that I really enjoy listening to myself, covers and mashups. With this assignment, I would be able to create something that I myself enjoy listening to.

I found one version of Send My Love by Adele when it first came out when four different people sang it while playing Patty Cake and I really wanted to incorporate it this video when I saw that it said to use covers. Although I realized that this would not be overly simple because I know that covers can be very different even if they’re based on the same song; it ended up being much harder than I anticipated. Because they were covers people would often alter the tempo and that made it very difficult to find two videos that matched up well. There was also an issue where one video would load and start playing before the other so that would sometimes throw the timing off and I couldn’t tell if it was a problem with the video itself or just the loading.

Ultimately, after watching and trying many different videos, I decide to go with the Patty Cake cover by KHS, Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, and Alex G along with the cover by Jonah Baker. I chose to go this route with this assignment because I often lean more towards acoustic covers of songs and this had the acoustics and the interesting combination of clapping in the Patty Cake cover. Although I like this song it is not necessarily one of my favorites. However, I love this cover so when I read the assignment description the Patty Cake version immediately came to mind and I knew I wanted to do something with it if at all possible.

I had to set it so that the video by Jonah Baker starts a little further in than the Patty Cake version, but with that setting the first verse is practically in perfect sync and then the chorus and subsequent verses are a cannon where a line is said in one video and then repeated in another and I really like the affect. Although some may be bothered by the songs not matching up perfectly the whole way through, I really like the variations in the audio and the tones it gives the song overall. This assignment really gave me an appreciation for the effort it takes to match up two videos or songs to create one well-blended version.

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