The Ups and Downs of Week Two

The Ups and Downs of Week Two


For this weeks summary I decided to start off with the Daily Creates that I completed this week. I had a hectic week so I started doing the Daily Creates later in the week. I also had  slight mistake to start. I accidentally put the wrong hashtag for my first one and had to put the correct one in a reply to my original post. Another problem I had on the first one was wording. I was trying to play on the time aspect of the prompt, but my wording came across a little awkward. However, I am proud of this as a first attempt.

For my second daily create the assignment was to post something connect to one of the redundancies on the list provided. I decided to take “pair of twins” to the extreme and do a collage of images that someone took in a community in China. This community is home to 39 pairs of twins. I felt a lot better with this assignments. I had the correct tags (lesson learned to double check) and followed the prompt.

The third daily create was the say what our favorite show is on our DS106 steaming service. I decided to take the poster from the Netflix series Anne with an “E”  that was super colorful and cheery and turn it into a horror movie poster. I used a photo editing app on my phone to alter the picture and add text. I actually really enjoyed this prompt and making the poster.

A majority of the beginning of my week was spent customizing my website. I changed the title to Narrative Through Media and changed up the theme as well. Since this is such a visual class I decided to go with a theme centered around pictures. Now when people see my site, not only will the title pull them in, but there will be a visual related the the post as well. There is a slideshow that cycles my three most recent posts at the top of my page and there are featured sections where I can pick posts to bring to peoples attention. I have made several other pages for other classes so I pretty comfortable customizing websites. However, I really enjoyed setting up the site for this class because this is the first time I really have a reason to have a visual focused site. I had some trouble at first getting the images figured out, but I’ve gotten the hang of it. I still need to work on my menu to get it to connect it make to my main site, but my subdomain it all set and ready for the rest of the semester. I have a general about me page on my Narratives Through Media page as I have already started a more professional About Me page as a subdomain on my main site. I have also installed all the requested plugins on my site.

This week we had to choose three different assignments from the bank on the website the complete. I did the following three.

First I chose a visual assignment that said to post a close up image of something and try to get people to guess it. I decided to post the image to twitter.

The hardest part I had with this assignment was choosing what to take a picture of. I tried a few different things, but I thought that they were all too simple and really wanted the image to be a puzzle. I did successfully complete the assignment, but I probably did it in a way that was slightly more complicated than it needed to be. I did get one guess on it on my blog post (I’m guessing they did read the assignment summary first). Overall, I really liked this assignment because it got me to look at things in a slightly different light.

Next I chose an audio assignment.

YouTube Doubler

For this assignment had to to take two music covers of the same song and combine them using YouTube Doubler. This was what I had the most trouble with this week. While I knew finding two songs that matched up perfectly would be difficult, it ended up being much harder than I expected. Part of that probably had to do with the fact that I really wanted to use a specific cover so I limited myself to that one song. Ultimately, I found a version to pair with it that I liked. It is not a perfect match, but it creates a cannon that I liked when they played simultaneously. I really liked this assignment because it combines two things I love covers and mashups.

Finally I did a written assignment. This assignment was an open letter to my mom. I chose it because I love sentimental things and thought a thank you letter to my mom was a good way to start a narrative, It tells a story of how much she means for me and everything she has done for me over the last 21 years. It seemed overly popular as a lot of people could relate. One girl even said that she could picture her and her mom the entire time she was reading it. I actually ended up send my mom a link to the post so even she got to read it. This was one of my favorite assignments this week because I love writing letters and think that it is important to thank those important to you.

I struggled with communication this week. Starting around Wednesday I starting communicating with people on Twitter and commented on several things on there. I moderated comments on my own blog to ensure relevant comments are showing up. However, I did not really comment much on anyone’s blogs. I know that is something I need to work on in future weeks and will make sure to be more present on both the blogs and Twitter. I also need to get into communication more with others in my group for this class.

Overall I feel like this was a good week. I struggled with a few thing, but was able to work past a lot and know what I need to work on as this semester continues.

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