Thursday Soundtrack

Thursday Soundtrack

This 4 star assignment said to record different sounds throughout your day and compile them into a soundtrack. So here is my typical Thursday this semester.

I wasn’t able to record something from each step of my day, but my Thursdays are pretty repetitive so you can get the idea. Here’s how my Thursday go:

  1. Shower
  2. Eat breakfast (usually Poptarts)
  3. Go to 8am
  4. Wait for next class
  5. Class as 12:30
  6. Class at 2
  7. Come back to apartment
  8. Chill a little
  9. Dinner
  10. Wash my face

For this Thursday sound compilation I include:

  1. Shower
  2. Poptart wrapper
  3. Walking to class
  4. My 8am class
  5. Waiting period between classes
  6. Walking into my apartment after class
  7. Getting food out of the fridge
  8. And the sink facet

I used audacity to make this. I thought it would be interesting to break my life down into a bunch of 10 second clips. When I started recording I realize that it would be pretty long if I recorded something from every part of my day which is why I cut out some of the other classes. When school starts I usually get into a repetitive schedule so this truly is the soundtrack for my Thursday. Listening to it really makes me want to switch my day somehow. Although I’m not quite sure how I will since my life is one big planner in an attempt to get all my work finished.

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