Video Editing in Week Ten

Video Editing in Week Ten

This week we had to do two daily creates. The first one I did was to create something to replace a scarecrow.

A couple days before I had participated in a pumpkin carving contest. For the contest I decided to carve and owl. However, it ended up looking like some multi tooth creature. Although it was meant to be acute how, it turned into a terrifying face. I figure if the face of the pumpkin doesn’t scare the birds away, my humiliation at royally messing up an owl will.

The second create was to make a new pledge.

I think we live in an unfortunate time period where people feel like they have the right to act superior just because they are them or because of things they’ve heard. I created me pledge to get rid of that. I don’t want, nor do I think it’s realistic to ask people to be perfect citizens. However, I will say that if everyone did one thing to be less of judgy know it all, then the world be a monumentally better place.

For my superhero commentary I chose to look at Supergirl.

This was my first time seeing this show so I got to look at it without any inside influence really. Similar to other weeks in this class. I am aware there more thought goes into things than I usually consider. However, I was surprised by some of the things that were mentioned. Something as simple a chair can change the entire mood of the scene. I looked a the presentation of Superman’s parents, colors, and camera angles to demonstrate how the story in Supergirl is told.

Next I did a six second story.

Although my story was technically longer than 6 seconds, the are process itself only took that longer, it was me trying to open it that pushed it over the edge. I it was actually difficult to choose what I would do for this assignment. Ultimately, I was feeling a lot of nostalgia and decided to go the bath of the fortune teller. I did not fully adhere to the assignment, but I created something and it made me happy to create it.

Next was advice to my younger self.

Advice to My Younger Self

This probably was the easier to edit since I just had to select pictures and they went into the template. Then I chose a song and we have my plea for action from my younger 14 year old sign and high five. I really enjoyed this assignment because it caused me to think about something that I have not had the chance to. I fulfilled this assignment to a tea and it expresses my past self and my wish for the future.

Finally we have life hacks.

I decided to go slightly more realist and use things that you would have had on your house. This can all be done wit think things that you likely have on your person. Second, I tried to make sure it was wroth it. This is where I struggled with angles and the ipod. I didn’t have a camera stand so I was using anything I could, Pinnacle bottles and other containers that I find. While I like the video itself with the high towers and easy breeze, I leave the professor to enjoy his cow.

Finally we have walking a mile in my shoes. I really enjoyed making this video because it always others to see me without having to see “see me”.

Even with the excess brick, I believe I got enough diversity within the route. This walk takes you through my days as I move towards the last semester of my senior year. This has been one of my favorite assignments and I can’t wait to see where they go. I got to express myself throughout the walks I take in a very unique way. I am very happy with how this turned out. Not only did I have fun, but I got to expand on a previous work.

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