Video Stories in Week Eleven

Video Stories in Week Eleven

This week was part two of videos!

Let’s start off with the daily creates. There were three this week. This first one I did was to illustrate and idiom.

I decided to go with “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and used giphy and a stock courtroom photo to create this courtroom scene with a layer, book, and overly enthusiastic judge. I am guilty of this both literally and figuratively. Although I read a lot, I am very guilty of making book decisions based on covers. This has lead to me missing out on some books that I later discovered were very good, and reading some really terrible books that looked like they would be good. I try to be better about this with people, and I am. Even if my brain may come to some conclusions based on appearances, I still keep and open mind and realize that what I see is not always to true reality.

The second was to post about was was behind door 106.

This is an image from the caverns in Natural Bridge, VA. since the door in the prompt had a creepy look to it, I decided to go with that theme. I took this picture myself when visiting there with my family. This was a weird section of the cave that we were not able to go into, but looked small and creepy. In my head I was imaging a door to a basement that essentially looked like a hole in the earth that DS 106 students stay in while cramming to finish their assignments for the week.

The third was recreating a photo from the past.

I decided to use an image that resurfaced on Facebook when I turned 22 last month. My mom posted this picture from what I believe was my eighth birthday. A few days before my party my mom took me to get the cat I had been begging for for a few years so when my birthday came around I had no idea what to wish for. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a (realistic) gift as much as I wanted that cat so quite honestly, I am still trying to come up with another epic birthday wish.

We also had to give some ideas for crises for our final project. I tried to do a range of ideas from those that are realistic to more typical hero crises. For example, I had heroes helping someone in traffic to alien invaders. I also included a villain motivation since we had the option to create one and villains wouldn’t be stopping trouble, but causing it. They all should get some pretty interesting results.

My first assignment was a PSA on how to be more environmentally friendly.

I liked this assignment because not only is it good for this class, but it’s also something that could be useful in life. I recorded my own videos and use a track from, then I used OpenShot to edit this. I do wish that my editing software had a few more features so that I could add more animation to the video than just the transition effects. However, I think that its simplicity is also good because it gets the message across clearly. It is about helping the environment and any viewer would be able to tell that is the message. And I hope the viewer would be influenced by that message.

My second assignment was a reflection on my time in college.

I will be graduating in May so I thought this would be a good opportunity to go back reflect on my time in college. I decided to go a simple route and use a slideshow of images and a voice over from me  giving a short reflection of my college experience. I decided to discuss my overall experience rather than several specific events. I really enjoyed this assignment because I’ve been having a tough couple a weeks and it was nice to go back and remind myself what I have done over the years and how far I have come in my life. Although there are not a lot of elements in this video, I believe the simplicity allows my words to be the true focal point, which is what I want.

For my third assignment, I created video of my character, Weather Woman, drawing a picture of when she was first discovering her powers.

This is probably my favorite assignment I completed this week. I ended up changing my original plan to just recording myself drawing it on paper and I could not be more pleased. The sound effects make it seem like we are in the room as Weather Woman draws this picture. A few simple sound affects from bring life to this video. Paint was really useful because it allowed me to create an image that looks like it was drawn with a crayon rather than a pen which is what it would have been if I had drawn it on paper. I loved completing this assignment.

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