Visual Perspective & Close Up Images

Visual Perspective & Close Up Images


For another assignment I chose to go with Visual Assignment 1882. For this assignment, we are supposed to take a close up picture of something and have people guess what it is. When I saw this I was reminded of a scene from the movie Soul Surfer where they were talking about perspective and it can be difficult to truly see or understand something when you are looking at it so close. While in the movie it had a deeper philosophical meaning, here it is more of a visual puzzle. I enjoy puzzles myself so I was very interested in this assignment once I read about it.

While looking around my apartment I saw a lot of things I could take a picture of, I was worried that they would all be too easy: a leaf on an aloe vera plant, a close up of string lights. However, I may have went too far in the opposite direction in order to make it a challenge. The object I chose was a copper tray (coffee) table that belongs to my roommate. It is very unique no only because it is copper, but also because it is from Saudi Arabia. It has images as well as Arabic incorporated into its design (however you cannot see them in this picture). It was something that her grandmother brought back to the US with her when she moved back here and it has a long history with her family. I had some trouble deciding which part to take a picture of. I thought the legs would be a better hint of the actual object, but the legs are wood instead of copper, so you would lose a majority of what the object actually is. And then a majority of the top looks more like an art piece than an actual coffee table so I was worried that would confuse people as well. I ended taking a picture of the edge which showed the lifted lip (reason it is technically a tray table), the material, and some of the design. While I don’t necessarily expect most people, or anyone possibly, to guess it, I am interested to see what people come up with as a guess.

I decided to post it on twitter instead of Flickr because I thought it would get more views on Twitter. I am hoping to have at least a couple guesses before I post my week two summary.

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