Weather Woman Drowning Her Enemies

Weather Woman Drowning Her Enemies

Upon going to this weeks assignment post to make sure I had done everything, I noticed that my mashup were supposed to be related to my character. Since my other 12 stars of assignments did not I decided to do a fourth assignment with my character. I created a new assignment where you have to combine your desired superpower (or in this class’s case, our character’s powers) and create a mashup with an everyday scene. In the example photo I provided I push Flash rushing to class on a college campus.

Attack on Weatherman

For this assignment I used a photo of a confused weatherman. Then took three separate photos of rain, clouds, and lightening and layered them over to look like it is raining on the weatherman during his segment. Weather Woman has a well known vendetta against bad weathermen. In this case, she let her emotions get a little out of control and opened up a lighting storm on this weatherman. He laughed it off like a water bucket prank, but inside he would for every be terrified of the freak storm that opened up over his head. He would leave weather reporting, much to Weather Woman’s delight. Based on this moment, another bad weatherman has gone into retirement.

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