Weather Woman

Weather Woman

For my character dossier, I decided to give my character a superpower that I would actually want in day to day life. My hero is Helen Clearview, a woman who has the ability to control the weather. Due to this particular power, she decided to become a meteorologist and had the super persona Weather Woman. She uses scientific predictions and her own powers to ensure that every forecast for her area is right. She also uses her powers to make certain parts of everyday life easier. When it’s muggy out she causes a breeze just strong enough to push off the humidity.

Helen was born in Chicago on the first day of Hurricane Andrew, a category 5 hurricane in 1992, possibility the source of her powers. She slowly discovered her powers growing when she would make the windy city suddenly stop. Then while on vacations with her family in Arizona, it would pour and the sun would shine in Portland. Helen would watch the news with her family to see the weather reports only to be disappointed when the predictions were never right. She decided that she would ensure that at least some people who be able to count on the person giving them their weather forecast. While she does not fight traditional crimes, her skills can come in handy. She can may he life just a little but better with a well place breeze or help a friend by pushing the sun through some rain clouds.

However, she has also used her powers in secret for something bigger. While she  cannot stop a full blown hurricane, she can diminish it turning a category five into a one or a one into just a little thunder storm. Or, if a storm hasn’t reached land, she can force the storm back into the ocean as it approaches.

Another evil she uses her forces against is cocky weathermen. When she meets a new weatherman, if he’s overly confident) she will review his weather report and make sure that he could not be more wrong on each day. While not an especially mature use of her power, she is fighting evil as she sees it in her day to day life. As storms continue to rage, the Weather Woman will continue to fight. When she alters the weather just a bit to make things easier, she signs off with her motto “May your forecast be bright.”

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