Weather Woman’s Weatherman Transporter

Weather Woman’s Weatherman Transporter

For my final assignment, I chose this 3.5 design assignment asking me to create an advertisement for a product I wished existed.

Weatherman Transporter

I created a product for my superhero. A Weatherman Transporter. One of her missions is to get rid of bad weathermen. This device allows her (or anyone really) to transport bad weatherman to a place where they can always be right and never disappoint the local residence: Antarctica (which I apparently spelled wrong on the picture.. sorry!). Since there’s never really a question of what the weather will be, he can never be wrong. Plus, they’ll have the penguins to keep them company. I went for a simple large ray gun design for my gun and used cutout so you could see the mystical transporting magic working inside. For the Antarctica side I included the newest resident, the Umbrella Hat Weatherman from my wanted poster a few weeks ago. This is an invention that I know Weather Woman would enjoy, but it is also something that the general public could use to defend themselves when she can’t be there.

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