Website Editing in Week Nine

Website Editing in Week Nine

This week we had to do three daily creates.

My first one (that I submitted late and I apologize for) is a Youtub dub:

I took the song My Heart Will Go On and paired it with the music video for Party Rock Anthem. It actually ended up working really well because the video was placed in a more apocalyptic setting which created the perfect backdrop for this songs about love and loss. It also kind of works for the main singers. Some could argue that it is also a song celebrating the LMFAO singers friendship in this tragic situation.

For the second daily create, I had to say where life and DS106 will be in 300 years.

I believe that cats can be nice and they could be vicious. Both of these are great qualities in a leader. So it is no surprise that cats may take over. They would do away with human teachers and bring in the cats to teach them well.

Finally I did a wanted poster for a villain selfie.

I had intended to post a picture of myself, but when I got home and saw this I new I wouldn’t be able to. I figured since this class is about creativity, we could go with our gut sometimes and do something not complete within the guidelines set by the school. I think this works for the assignment because I have no doubt that I would put this person on a wanted wall.

I believe these stories connected is through the idea of extreme. The over partying leading to a work were everyone is likely dead or dying. A world takeover by cats in which they become the supreme overlords. Finally my immense anger whenever I see someone put toilet paper on-top of the role; prompting me to put up posters and fine someone for breaking this simple rule. Although to overreaction varieties, you can see a lot of DS106 classes caused by extreme stress. .

I found the radio shows very interesting because they all varied. The variance made it easier to listen to the story. I found that one group seemed to soar about the rest, but all of the groups were good. I loved the similar sound quality and the fact that they recorded everything together no only for sound quality, but to give the show a more relaxed and chatty view that could certainly be felt by me.

My website change wasn’t super complicated. I decided to keep the base of the website the same, but change the message. I took the rotten tomatoes Batman and Robin review (which is super bad) and make it everyone’s favorite movie. I edited all the stats within the site to be better and changed all the comments to positive sticking with the original words as much as possible. I had some trouble at first navigating and there was a glitch where I had to start over a few times. I believe my site edit is very interesting and fits the assignment well. There were a lot of small things to edit to keep the reviews positive, but I think I found everything I could.

I did the Dream Room (4.5 stars) for one of my assignments. I found this really interesting as I love to look through Pinterest, but I usually focus on teaching tips and food I can make. I didn’t add a lot to my board because I have a relatively minimalist view even it that is no where near my reality. I had a bed and desk as well as plants and abstract pieces. This assignment was relatively easy to complete, but I had to think for bit to find this I would honestly want in the list has that has not been my focus on Pinterest. I really like this assignment.

Next I did a Google Quick Draw (2.5 stars). Quick draw is something that I am very familiar with, but that I haven’t used in a while. I used to play it often when first became available, but lately it has been becoming less and less frequent. The fact that something can guess what we want to know about from our drawings is very fascinating. It doesn’t matter how many times I play this, I still like it. This assignment was relatively easy since I got some easier to draw topics for quick draw.

Finally I completed the Object Through Different Lenses assignment. I picked this because it sounded very interesting, but then it quickly changed when I realized what I had to do. It seemed like a lot of pictures which made me nervous. I actually had a very difficult time picking a topic. I finally settled on drinkware. I have collected a lot of things in my 22 years so I thought I would do something like Drinkware Based on Maturation. It was also difficult because I had to edit each picture. I feel pretty good about this assignment, but it was definitely one of the most challenging for me.

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